Goodbye to the BMW 228i, will now be called BMW 230i and yes, it comes with more power

Changes in the range of the BMW 2-Series, the rival of the Audi TT, BMW and the German firm has not only replaced the BMW 135i and BMW 235i by the new BMW 140i and BMW 240i, I tell you everything on the article “BMW M140i and M240i: the Series 1 and Series 2 more spicy go up to 340 HP of power,” but it has also replaced the BMW 228i for a new BMW 230i that, as you can imagine, arrives reminding us more power.

This new alternative keeps its 4 cylinders, supercharged clear, but increases its power output from 245 horses to the 255 horses, delivered to the rear axle (has not been mentioned by now, the arrival of a new version xDrive) and counting both with a manual transmission as with an automatic transmission.

beyond this extra power, BMW has not mentioned, improvements or aesthetic, nor in the tuning of your chassis. yes it has improved its multimedia system with a new interface and more RAM.

, and we Still have to wait for more details on its marketing in Spain, but remember that the BMW 228i had a price starting from 38.500 euros in the case of the coupé and 44.050 euros in the case of the cabrio. Imagine that your price will not change with this evolution.