Goodbye to the McLaren P1: it terminates its production, with 375 units are produced


one of the supercars highlights of the recent years comes the time of farewell. I mean the McLaren P1, the jewel in the crown of Woking, whose production has finished definitely. After 375 units are produced, the model will be in the immediate future one of those classic cotizadísimos, object collections, and auctions, given that it will not be possible to buy a new one.

In these images you can see two McLaren P1, the first unit manufactured, and the last. While the #1 was chosen in color Ice Silver, #375 looks like a bold painting in orange pearl. The most popular color, present in a greater number of units of the model, has been the Volcano Yellow. However, and according to the McLaren, there are two P1 are exactly the same.


The manufacture of the McLaren P1 began in the summer of 2013, with all of its units already sold in advance

Remember some of the features of the McLaren P1: mechanical hybrid, with a V8 engine twin-turbo together with two electric motors, to develop 916 CV in total. Chassis carbon-fibre monocoque and aerodynamics active, his performance impress: 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 6.8 s and 0-300 km/h in 16,5 s, reaching the 350 km/h maximum speed limited.

All of the McLaren P1 have been produced by the division of McLaren Special Operations, in accordance with the requirements and specific tastes of each client. In addition to these 375 units, for the development of the model have also been manufactured by other 13 experimental prototypes, 5 prototype-validation and three prototypes of pre-production, that you have come 620.000 kilometres in testing on both road and track.


As you can see, the following numbers speak for themselves, making the P1 a car that is truly special. Each McLaren P1 took about 800 hours and about 105 workers for manufacturing, 17 days on average to be completed before delivery to the customer. In some of the units were used up to five days just in the process of painting, looking for the highest quality in detail and finish.

If you ask where they have sold more units of the McLaren P1, the american continent is the answer, with 34% of the 375 units. 27% of them rests in the region Asia-Pacific, while 26% do so in Europe and the remaining 13% in the Middle East and Africa. Coming soon will be the turn of the McLaren P1 GTR, the version for circuit and track days: the P1 GTR will also end its production in early 2016, with 35 units.