Goodwood 2016: McLaren 570S Sprint, only suitable for circuit


This is the McLaren 570S Sprint, only approved for use in the circuit. Announced a few months ago next to the McLaren 570S GT4 competition, until now we did not know the detail: it will be officially presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016, but already we can tell you all about it.

The range McLaren Sport Series is becoming more and more wide, and is composed of the McLaren 540C access, own 570C and 570S -with bodywork coupe or convertible, respectively – and by the new McLaren 570GT, which provides a greater practicality thanks to its unique rear luggage compartment. The McLaren 570S Sprint will come to be positioned as the most radical of all of them, with a chassis and aerodynamics specifically designed for maximum performance in-circuit.


The biggest like of this McLaren 570S Sprint you will find them with the McLaren 570S GT4, although unlike the one -born to compete in the category of GT4 – the Sprint has not been approved initially for any category FIA in particular, which has left a greater freedom: it is available to any customer that so desires, although it may not be driven on the road, only in closed circuit. Ideal for ‘track-days’.

The engine of the 570S Sprint is the same as the other versions of the model, the already known V8 biturbo engine of 3.8 liters, and change of double clutch and seven speeds, located in a central position. You have not provided concrete figures of power, although we believe that we will keep the same 570 CV and 600 Nm of maximum torque. Despite this, there are important modifications that make it what it is, a machine circuit.

Keeping the chassis monocoque carbon fiber, the McLaren 570S Sprint adopts a aerodynamics specific on the outstanding splitter lower front and large rear wing, which ensures a high downforce at high speeds, sticking it to the asphalt. In addition, it adopts a radiator central source GT3 to ensure a good cooling in very harsh conditions, and wheels of magnesium alloy with monotuerca central shod with tires slick Pirelli.

Its interior is stripped of everything superfluous to focus on riding, and includes seat bucket with a harness of six points, fire extinguisher and a safety cage FIA: even the passenger seat is optional, so that the 570S Sprint can have only a single square if you want. Optionally also available a pack GT4 with everything you need to approved it as such: the McLaren 570S Sprint will have a base price for the United Kingdom of 148.000 pounds (almost 200,000 euro), excluding tax.