Goodyear Eagle-360: the tire of the future is a field of magnetic levitation, and it looks like a brain!

The Geneva motor show is also an appointment which is attended by a multitude of companies, auxiliary industry and components suppliers. Goodyear never fails to Geneva, and this year we present a prototype that has left me… truly amazed. We are not accustomed to a prototype so let descolocados, which I interpret as a good sign: this tyre Goodyear Eagle-360 is a sphere, is printed in 3D, your drawing imitates a brain and connects to the car via magnetic levitation. Let me explain it to you.

Has several sensors on its interior, an electronic brain which monitors the status of the firm and the wear of the tire.

This tire is a design studio, virtually, a prototype that explores the design that could have the tires of the future. Because according to Goodyear, the future is autonomous, and this prototype is a tyre specially designed for cars which do not require human interaction. This tyre has been printed in 3D, and its surface imitates the grooves of a brain, establishing an analogy with the artificial intelligence of an autonomous vehicle. One thing to keep in mind is that the tire has an electronic brain.

goodyear-eagle-360-2Better, a multitude of sensors that inform the vehicle the temperature of the asphalt and the road conditions. In addition, you could monitor their wear and tear, by varying the area in contact with the firm, extending the life of the tire. The fact of being printed in 3D adds an interesting factor to the production of tyres: you could design a tread – sphere rolling on this case – for each climatic region. It would not be the same for an autonomous car in Dubai for an autonomous car in Toronto.

I would like to know how it regulates the pressure of the tire. Among hundreds of other questions.

Another striking feature of this tire is that it is attached to the car using magnetic levitation. That is to say, that is not in contact with the car, but kept only inches from his body by the force of a powerful electro-magnets. It sounds futuristic, and it is, but the principle is the same of the trains japanese magnetic levitation without going any further. To be completely spherical, the turning radius of the car is reduced to zero, allowing for excellent maneuverability in limited spaces.

coche-autonomo-dgt-1 how Will a tire like the streets? Possibly not, but it is an excellent inspiration for the future and highlights some of the challenges facing this industry auxiliary.

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