Goodyear Urban Crossover, this is the exclusive tyre of the Lexus UX Concept

Goodyear Urban Crossover Lexus UX Concept Paris Salon 2016 is giving much of himself. Yesterday we knew the Lexus UX Concept, a prototype which will give rise to a future compact crossover production. We called attention to its aesthetic sharp and their suggestive forms, while also hiding an element very curious: your tires. Today we have been able to know that they have been made exclusively for this model and that is called Goodyear Urban Crossover.

This collaboration has as a result a few tires futurists who are in keeping with the philosophy model that fits. The first thing that calls the attention is the effect they get, giving the impression that fuse the rim and the tire. The spokes stretch to reach the shoulder of the tire, where keeps its shape and creates harmony in this area of the UX Concept.

Goodyear Urban Crossover Lexus UX Concept tyre tread has been created through the sculpted laser the latest technology. But the Goodyear Urban Crossover will not only have an aesthetic eye-catching. Also benefits from the components are more advanced, like for example the technology SoundComfort Goodyear. This consists of a piece of polyurethane foam of open cell adhered to the inside of the tire and your goal is to reduce the noise.

in Addition, it also integrates the technology ‘Chip-in-tire’ that appeared in 2014, at the Geneva motor show. A chip is responsible for sending the information to the on-board computer of the vehicle and in this way improved stability and performance of the car. To finish, use the technology RunOnFlat that allows you to travel for 80 km after a puncture. So is the Goodyear Urban Crossover that mounts the Lexus UX Concept.

Goodyear Urban Crossover Lexus UX ConceptSource – Goodyear