Google follows in the footsteps of Apple and discarded to develop an autonomous vehicle own

Google - Prototipo Vehículo Autónomo

Prototype autonomous vehicle of Google on a Lexus RX 450h.

on The contrary that occurred with the “Project Titan” of Apple, the information that saw the light with respect to the advances of Google in the field of driving and autonomous development of its own vehicle 100% autonomous were always positive. However, it seems to be that it was not gold all that sparkle. And although Google has shown great progress in the research and development of driving systems autonomous with their prototypes that have travelled over 3 million kilometres, it seems that finally throw in the towel. Although with nuances.

already a long time Ago, Google showed the world a small and casual prototype of the autonomous vehicle named “Google Pod”. A foretaste of what was supposed to be the first autonomous car of the internet giant. A project very similar to that of the company of the apple bite (Apple). At the end, and according to the information published in The Information, Google discards to develop your own vehicle.

however, this does not mean that they are going to give up the fight by creating a software and hardware to make that a vehicle can be driven fully autonomously. And it will continue to work. Google apea cart to create one’s own vehicle, and will continue to develop their driving system autonomous. The idea is to partner with one or several manufacturers to fit their vehicles.

Google - Prototipo Vehículo Autónomo

Eventually Google will develop the software and the technology driving autonomous.

The foray of Google into the automotive sector is already a bet irrevocable. By one hand we have Android Auto, which competes directly with Apple’s CarPlay, or the systems of information and entertainment developed by the car manufacturers. And since a few years ago, the tech company has put a significant amount of resources in all areas to have a dominant position in the future of driving autonomous.

The executive director of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, plans to redirect the construction project of an autonomous vehicle to another company for Google to focus exclusively on the development of the technology driving autonomous. Therefore, the other big internet shattered his idea to build and market its own autonomous vehicle.

The new company which Alphabet will be launched will be called Waymo and their CEO will be John Krafcik, known for its step-by-Hyundai. As we have said at the beginning of the article, at present, Google has an entire fleet of prototypes equipped with different driving systems autonomous that are conducted daily by volunteers and test drivers. The company is doing tests of this nature since the year 2009.