Google is looking for new partners for the development of its autonomous car

Google Pod - prototipo de coche autónomo

The Google Pod is one of the first prototypes created autonomous car created by Google.

The agreement signed between Google and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles just a few days ago marked an important milestone in the development project autonomous car of Google. However, and as you well explained in your moment, this collaboration agreement is limited to the creation of 100 prototype vehicles equipped with different systems and technologies for driving autonomous.

Is more, remember that the 100 prototypes of autonomous cars that will create Google in collaboration with the engineers of FCA will be made on the basis of the new Chrysler Pacifica 2017. And Although at first it may seem a figure more than respectable the truth is that it is very short if we take into account the dimensions of the project in which the internet giant is immersed.

it Is for this reason that Google would already be negotiating with other car manufacturers with the aim to continue adding partners to your project. Is more, according to a statement from the CEO of Hyundai Motor America and current Head of the Autonomous Cars of Google, John Krafcik, the company already is meeting with other car manufacturers for the creation of new partnerships in this area.

Google Pod - prototipo de coche autónomo

Google Pod seen in profile, a foretaste of what awaits us in the future.

“Our current agreement with FCA is only for the creation of 100 prototypes together. We are still negotiating with other car manufacturers to continue adding partners to our project.”

In the case of agreement of FCA and Google, as discussed few days ago when we did echo of the agreement, FCA will be responsible for the construction of the Pacifica at its factory in Michigan (united States), while Google will proceed to the installation of the different sensors, cameras, and other equipment necessary to operate its driving technology autonomous. The prototypes of Chrysler Pacifica self-employed will be tested on public roads.

for several years there has been speculating on the possibility of the different partners that Google could add to its cause. Already at the end of last year 2015 is speculated with the possibility that Ford might build the autonomous car of Google. However, and since these reports came to light, none of the two parties involved said anything about it.

on the other hand, Krafcik also wanted to make special emphasis on all the experience that the team has picked up the Google team that is working on the creation of this autonomous car:

“We have completed more than 2 million miles with our prototypes of autonomous cars. We have the responsibility to ‘be there’ as soon as possible. Humans are not perfect but we must create systems of leadership that are”.