Google makes a count of the failures that have had their cars


The topic on autopilots in car is very delicate because we are leaving our security behind the wheel in the hands of a machine that theoretically should be perfect and not to commit any mistake. It is for this reason that the laws of regulation that are emerging in some places as in the state of California obliged to report any malfunction of the vehicles that are being tested currently.

Google he has touched to make a count of violations that occurred during a year and had stressed that they had to disconnect the driving mode autonomous 341 times of which 272 were made by technical faults.

Provided that the vehicle detects any anomaly in your system that can cause a malfunction driver alert with a reaction time of 0.8 seconds to take the necessary measures, such as activating the manual control.


In the 69 situations remaining that took control of the vehicle was by the decision of the drivers, according to statements of Google, fearing that the car could not facing a complicated situation.

Other manufacturers have also begun to report reports of failures which include Tesla, who claim not to have had no error during their tests, Nissan and Delphi, who, for their part acknowledge that they have disconnected the auto-pilot of their vehicles in 405 times each, and Mercedes, that during the 2700 miles total we walked its prototypes, the drivers took control in 1005 times due to technical failure and discomfort on the part of the occupants.

These data need not be alarming, since autonomous cars are not going to come out tomorrow to the market, and are a good reference to see how to evolve these reports from year to year.