Google opens a new research center near Detroit

Centro de Investigación de Google en Detroit

In the new Research and Development Center of Google will be built 100 Chrysler Pacifica self-employed.

In these last few weeks news related to the project of the development of the autonomous car of Google is relentless. And that is if just a few days ago we did echo of the job offer to be a tester of the autonomous cars of Google, or the search for new partners to continue with the project, now the internet giant has announced the opening of a new research center.

In particular, Google has announced the launch of a new research center, which will be located near the metropolitan area of Detroit, in the State of Michigan (USA). With more than 4,900 square meters, this center of research will be developed the Chrysler Pacifica 2017 self-employed, which Google created in cooperation with the engineers of FCA.

Although to date we have seen Google to create their prototypes of autonomous vehicles in different places of the united States, the internet giant assures that “it’s time to set roots”. The location of this center of research and development will allow Google to be able to establish collaborations more direct with all the manufacturers found in Detroit.

Google Pod - prototipo de coche autónomo

Google Pod, the prototype of autonomous car of the internet giant.

And is that to date, the greater part of the work done by Google on their autonomous car has taken place in California, although many of their road tests have been carried out in Texas, Washington, and Arizona. During the remainder of the year, Google will be moving to this new centre and although it has not specified when it will start the development of the 100 prototypes of Pacifica with driving systems that are autonomous, we assume that the start to the end or the beginning of next year.

What do we know about autonomous car from Google?

collection mode of information, I would like to highlight by way of holder some of the data that we know about the project of autonomous car of Google. For the moment, the only prototype of the vehicle is completely autonomous in that it lacks a steering wheel and pedals is the so-called Google Pod (which you can see in the image above). A small and perky vehicle that is capable of reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

Chrysler Pacifica 2017

Thanks to an agreement between Google and the FCA, will be able to use 100 units of the Chrysler Pacifica, 2017, at mode prototypes.

To date, Google has traveled over a million miles with this prototype and although it is still unknown whether its design will influence the final product, yes we know of some of the changes that Google must make in the same. Taking into account the current legislation both in north America as in other regions of the planet, and seeing no prospect of that changing, when the autonomous car of Google hits production you should have all of the usual elements for manual driving. That is to say, steering wheel, pedals, mirrors, etc… otherwise, shall not be approved.