Google Waymo: a prototype autonomous car based on the Chrysler Pacifica

just a few days Ago we did echo of the important announcement
conducted by Alphabet, company
array Google. In particular,
confirmed the creation of a new company named Waymo, the manager of the
construction and development of the autonomous vehicle in which he had been working
Google from a few years ago. For its part, the “internet giant” will focus
exclusively on the creation of the software and systems driving autonomous
with which will be equipped with this vehicle.


The Google Waymo is the new prototype of autonomous vehicle created thanks to the collaboration with FCA.

Now, John Krafcik, Chief Executive officer of Waymo, has revealed the first prototype to be created under this new company. Taking as a basis a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, we are faced with a prototype of vehicle 100% self-contained. This prototype is the fruit also of the agreement collaboration that keep Google and FCA Automobiles. As we say, this Pacifica Hybrid is equipped with all the hardware and latest software developed by Google.

Among other elements, includes the sensors of last generation and a switchboard that is totally new. Without going into details, Krafcik says that incorporates “major system upgrades” to elevate the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid to the level of a car “fully autonomous”. Waymo will have a fleet of 100 prototypes of these Pacifica Hybrid autonomous.

At a glance, and in comparison with the model that is part of this prototype, the changes are evident. Both on the roof and in the front we find a whole series of elements that are necessary for the driving systems autonomous to function correctly. Cameras, sensors and radars, among other components. It is the result of the work of half a year between Google and the above-mentioned group automotive.


The Google Waymo part of the base of the Chrysler Pacifica mechanical hybrid. Will be built 100 prototypes.

Waymo had access for a few months to a few early prototypes of this Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid autonomous, and according to stand out, have been able to complete 200 hours of testing with success in adverse weather conditions. Currently, the company has the permission of the authorities of Arizona and California, among other states, to be able to “take the street” their prototypes autonomously. Something that will not happen until next year.

The company of recent creation has also announced that we will be able to see this Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid autonomous during the CES 2017 that will take place early next year in the city of Las Vegas (united States).