GP Abu Dhabi: Alonso: “Both Rosberg as Hamilton deserve the title


Fernando Alonso has gone through the process of having to compete for the world title against another pilot on four occasions, beating them in the first two. Now Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will do the same with the added incentive of having to do it in the last race

For the Spanish both pilots have merit and are offering a similar level and, though they have a car dominant, Alonso believes that they are doing a good job. “Both are similar in a certain way because they are doing a fantastic job from three years ago. It is true that they have a car very dominant, but give up every weekend without errors and maximizing the set. They are doing a fantastic job, so we’ll see what happens”.

For Fernando, Nico Rosberg stands out for its consistency and Lewis Hamilton for his talent and, although the two have had good times and bad times, deserve the title equally. “I Think that Rosberg has been very consistent. It is always a pilot very constant, is never below its potential, always extracts the maximum. Hamilton is, I believe, the champion that we all see. All the championships and wins he has achieved in Formula 1 is due to the fact that it is a pilot with a super talent. they Both deserve the title I think, have had ups and downs this year but almost always for reasons of reliability, not by own mistakes or their own performance.


Alonso was asked about what strategy should be taken by Nico Rosberg, who has twelve points of advantage and only needs to go up to the podium to be champion, regardless of what Hamilton. The McLaren believed that they should try to win, without losing sight of the Red Bull. “I Think that attack. But, before anything, try to face this weekend as a race more. It is difficult because they both know that is not a weekend more. I think the best thing is to do everything normal, because if everything goes normal end first and second. If you’re Rosberg, you know that you could use a normal weekend. Mercedes has to pay attention (to Red Bull), but it is true that in the race we already know that Mercedes is always something more and always end up first or second, so that should be no different here”.