GP Abu Dhabi: Alonso criticizes the commissioners for their sanction in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi


Photo: McLaren F1

Fernando Alonso was considered responsible for causing a collision with Pastor Maldonado, which left him out of the race to the venezuelan in the first turn of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. An incident that came preceded by a contact with the Sauber of Felipe Nasr right in the area of braking, and that prevented the Spanish to avoid the collision with the Lotus driver. The commissioners, which included Derek Warwick in the condition of a former pilot, decided to add two points of penalty to a driving of Fernando Alonso and punish him with a drive-through that, added to the mandatory step by the pits to repair the damage on his McLaren dropped him back to the last square and it made their progress in the race to be seen limited to outpace both Manor to conclude in seventeenth position. The same who, finally, has held the spaniard in the final classification of the World cup 2015.

But Alonso has defended his innocence in the incident, accusing the FIA of a lack of consistency and pointing to the need to take note of what happens in other categories. “to Receive a ‘drive-through’ today after being hit by another car is a little strange, perhaps even exceptional; the FIA should use some common sense and take note of what happens in other categories a lot more fun than ours, as Moto GP or the WEC, so successful that they are and how consistent they are when imposing sanctions”.

Sunk in the tail of the group, Alonso came to insinuate the possibility of withdrawing if it had not been a period of safety car, but ultimately remained in the race, and even, by way of small satisfaction to close a season as disappointing, it marked the third fastest lap after mounting a set of tires superblandos eight laps from the end. “I told the guys that we had to have fun, tighten butt and see the limits of the car; it was a race in clean air, a test: we always say that the races are test and today was the perfect one, rolling solo, so I’m confident that we have obtained good data”.