GP Abu Dhabi: Button admits that the decision to retire changed their mentality


Jenson Button acknowledges that you have made the decision to retire from Formula 1 as a pilot in the active has affected their mentality since then. The british pilot was decided, during the summer break, I wanted to enjoy more of the family and other aspects of life after 17 years of competition in Formula 1.

Ron Dennis convinced him to leave the door open to return in 2018 and will work as an ambassador and advisor to McLaren next year, but to get away from the tracks has affected his approach in the last few races. “I Feel that August was too soon. When a pilot decides to retire from the sport, you should try to do it as late as possible. I did it too soon, I think the mentality is changing and it is a pity. I didn’t think that would be so, but what is”.


despite all this, Jenson Button faces its last race in Abu Dhabi with the professionalism of always and with the intention of getting the best possible result, even withthe main objective of enjoying their last few miles in a Formula 1. “Tomorrow (Sunday 27th) is a great day, but I’m not going to the last race and saying ‘I’m looking forward to ends’. I’m excited, knowing that I’m going to have a great career and I will give everything as I have done in each of the Grand Prize. What I hope is that, a good race but, to be fair I don’t care where you finish, it is more a matter of fight and have a good time”.

yes, Button points out, saying that it does not intend to hang up the helmet, and will be linked to McLaren and to the competition while health will allow. “Definitely, I’m not retiring. I will work with the team the next year, I will be competing in other things, and, in the future, pilotaré until you are 70 years. Not I will leave until then, the only difference will be if I get paid or not”.