GP Abu Dhabi: Button: “Running against Alonso is a greater challenge to do so against Hamilton”


Photo: McLaren

When it is about to conclude its first season with Fernando Alonso as his team-mate at McLaren, Jenson Button was undone praise on the Spanish driver. The English pilot has insured that he considers Alonso as a rival much more hard in the race that Lewis Hamilton, with whom he shared team between 2010 and 2012.

“Fernando poses a challenge bigger and more constant, is always there; in some races, Lewis was untouchable, but on the other you wondered ‘where is?’. Now it is a pilot different, with more experience, but Fernando is always there, always is competitive: if what you have in front, trying not to lose contact, and if you are behind, not to pressure you. And it is something that I like and that I think is important for a computer”, has said Jenson Button.

The Champion of the World, 2009, added that expects to be able to continue counting with Alonso as a companion in the future, since it considers that to compete directly against an opponent of his competitiveness and talent is an experience much more enjoyable. “Having a partner as experienced is always exciting because, in our situation, at least we have a good fight to qualify or race and we always go to defeat the other; with a new pilot, or that it is not so competitive the atmosphere in the team is very different”.

Button he also regretted that the difficult circumstances that he is living the McLaren team have led many to ignore the value of Alonso. “it Is a pilot very mature and very complete; there are some that have strengths but also great weaknesses, but Fernando does not have any huge weak point. Until this year, he was considered the best pilot in Formula 1, and it is amazing how quickly people forget things”.