GP Abu Dhabi: Button will twelfth: “it’s Not a bad place for my last race”


Jenson Button will be on the twelfth square from the grill after not being able to follow in the footsteps of Fernando Alonso, who has played Q3 at the Yas Marina circuit.

The pioto british McLaren saw him as the temperature dropped the car lost grip in the front, causing understeer. “as the temperatures drop, obviously you need more grip in front and we didn’t have any of that. A little bit of understeer, which cost me time, but being fair is not a bad position in which to be. It’s just that the balance changed”, said Button, who can therefore choose which tyre strategy will be best for you to get to the points in the race.

The last weekend of Jenson Button has not been simple, as the Friday it lost a considerable part of the free practice by a change of engine forced, something that has not helped to improve the balance of the monoaplaza. “Is being complicated with the change of motor, we lost time on the track. Tomorrow we will have new tires, it is sometimes better to be where we are. It is not a bad place to be in my last race”.

Jenson, that in Abu Dhabi is using a helmet that reminds you of your World Championship of the 2009 BrawnGP, has been recognized on several occasions that he is looking forward to finish the season to enjoy your new life. However, it is very clear that this last Grand Prix you have to enjoy it. “No, it would be a mistake to do so, it has been my life for seventeen years, I’m not counting the seconds, I am savouring”.