GP Abu Dhabi: Carlos Sainz, to the doors of the points in Abu Dhabi



With less than three laps to the checkered flag in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, Carlos Sainz, located in the tenth position, harassing Daniil Kvyat in search of the ninth square. But, from behind, came like a rocket, Romain Grosjean, in his farewell, Lotus. With tires more fresh, not to mention his Mercedes engine, the French exceeded without difficulty to Carlos on the longest straight of the Yas Marina. Despite not losing contact with the Russian Red Bull, and be sometimes in a position to use the DRS, finally, the Spanish crossed the finish line just over a second of Kvyat and was deprived of the satisfaction of closing its debut season with a result in the points that would have been the eighth of the year.

The outcome might have been different had not suffered Carlos Sainz -not for the first time this season – a defective first arrest in the pits. After making a superb output that surpassed both Williams around the outside of turn 3 and, shortly after, to Danniil Kvyat just before the fork of access to the longest straight of the Yas Marina, Sainz saw, probably with a very justified despair, how a problem with a wheel made him lose about three seconds in the end could prove decisive.

all in all, Sainz -that concludes the World in the fifteenth position in the overall standings, with 18 points-a figure that, with a little more luck, could have been significantly larger – it has been shown both satisfied with this last Grand Prix (in which, by way of consolation, has beaten both in qualifying and in the race to his teammate, Max Verstappen) as with the season as a whole. “I Think I have made a very good race and the eleventh position was the maximum we could do, after all the problems we had to overcome since Friday; I end my debut season with positive feelings since, in general, I have learned a lot in each race, I have become a better pilot and this is something that will make me stronger”.