GP Abu Dhabi: Christian Horner: the current rules engine turbo hybrid “is a mistake”


Photo: Red Bull

Without hairs in the tongue. Thus they showed Christian Horner at the press conference of chiefs of staff of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. The head of the team Red Bull, whose continuity has been on the air for the tribulations it has gone through to get engines for 2016 (a situation that has just been resolved with the announcement of a new supply agreement, most presumably with Renault), was very critical of the state that crosses the Formula 1 and has made it very clear that the sport urgently needs to clearly define what it wants to become.

Something that has been blamed in large measure to the particular interests of the teams, more interested in protecting its own strengths, “those who offer them that competitive edge against their rivals”, that in carrying out what is best for the highest category. “The teams have proven spectacularly unable to provide solutions and remedies are wise to the problems and that is where I think that the Formula 1 has stumbled in recent years; in fact, it can be said that the formula of engine that we have today is an error, said Horner.

The british believed that there must be a balance between the technological component and more attractive to the amateur to get Formula 1 to recover part of the lost interest. “technology is fantastic, but expensive, and we have not done a good job of communicating it, and in addition it has led to a situation in which half of the grill is currently insolvent. What these cars get with 100 kg of fuel is amazing, its fuel economy is impressive, but I’m not sure how many fans care about that in reality: they want to see is the riders, that they must be the heroes, running wheel to wheel racing competitive. Technology has its role, certainly, but I don’t think that should be the main thing”.

“I Think that the Formula 1 should be entertaining”, added Horner. “you should Also have a technological interest, but for this purpose, the promoters, the owners of the sport and those who make the normastienen that define what is the product and propose a few rules, not leave it to the engineers to the draft”. The solution proposed by the team boss of Red Bull: secure the services of persons not involved currently with any team. “There are very good people that now is not used in any equipment, which is impartial and which could bring a series of rules that go in the benefit of the Formula 1, which provide the best show for the fans, for the spectators that paid their entry, and are the backbone of what we do, because without them there is no show, there is no Formula 1, and it is our obligation to get back into a sport that captivates the public”.