GP Abu Dhabi: Fernando Alonso: “it went a tad better than expected”


Fernando Alonso has signed a performance more than remarkable in the last qualifying session of the season, sneaking by the eighth time in Q3 and exit in ninth place ahead of both Williams. The pilot spaniard shone in his last lap of Q2, marking a 1:41.044 with that he pulled out of the final round to Valtteri Bottas.

Already in the final round, Alonso could not match by a little bit of his time from Q2, although its 1:41.106 was enough to get the ninth position with a tenth advantage over Felipe Massa, after the brazilian cediese up to 4 tenths from his previous time at the time of committing an error on your lap final.

After qualifying, Alonso has been considered that the result has exceeded their expectations, and trust that the importance of the positions on the track in Abu Dhabi to make up for the free choice of tyres that they will enjoy the riders of the eleventh back.

“we’re happy, had some doubt to enter in Q3, because the Force India were very far away, and the only ones that could compete were Williams, Haas, Renault, Toro Rosso… Has gone a tad better than expected, and we catch up with grace this ninth position. Sometimes leave the 11 is better because you have the choice of tires free. We left one row ahead and we’re going to take advantage of it”.

For the race, Alonso believes that there is little room for improvement for the disadvantage in lap times with respect to the four teams ahead, but maintains the hope of trying to be a match for the Force India.

we will Try to make a good start and pick up points, but it’s going to depend a lot on what happens ahead of. The first six are always very favorite and run in a race almost apart, but this time even the Force India are far from all; they are in the middle of no-one, but not as close as other times. If nothing happens ahead will be difficult, but we try.

The dusk of Abu Dhabi tends to be the big headache when interpreting the track conditions to develop the strategy. Alonso considers that the changes made between the Friday and the Saturday, have had an effect.

“there Will be that risk and to interpret the conditions of the track. Is a little bit of luck and a bit of risk. In the morning session the car was a little better; we made some changes for the night that have given result. At the time we should always try to make the return good; there are a lot of places to make a mistake, strong braking in the lock-up the tires… Making the turn just was always a challenge and it has come out well”.