GP Abu Dhabi: Hamilton does not want to strategies: “If I’m in front, I want to be as far as possible”


Lewis Hamilton has refused to ignore the suggestions of Christian Horner, which suggested to the british pilot to slow down the group if it is placed first, so as to give options to the other riders to overtake Nico Rosberg.

The current championship leader only needs to finish on the podium to secure his first world title and, to do this, you will have on your side the good feelings that it has always had in Abu Dhabi. “Nico has achieved the pole position in the last two years here, has been very rapid. This has been an circuit in which I have been relatively strong, but not the last two years, so my only goal is to try to do it”, said Lewis Hamilton in the press conference organised by the FIA.

Hamilton discards do weird things in career and prefer to go to yours and wait for them to develop the events. In terms of race strategy, if I’m in front, I want to be as far as possible. When you are between 18 and 30 seconds of advantage you’re giving a painful blow to the pilot with which you are fighting. If you look at the last race, no red flag I would be 30 seconds ahead. That has more merit that clog up to your team mate. Although it has some sense to do it here, it is not very practical. There are two long DRS zones, so there would be neither easy nor successful.

it Is obvious that the 2016 has not been the best season of Lewis Hamilton, but the Mercedes driver believes that, even with that, there are positive notes with the stay of the season is about to end. “as to whether the championship has not gone as expected… well, the championship in general has not gone the way they expected up to now. 2016 has not been a spectacular year, but there are many positive things, no matter what happens I will stay with the positive for the season ahead”.