GP Abu Dhabi: Hamilton: “I Had to sit down and let you win? Helped Me to myself”


Lewis Hamilton has not been proclaimed World Champion for the fourth time despite winning more races than anyone this year: ten in total. The abandonment in the Grand Prix of Malaysia would be forced to win the last four appointments and wait for a slip-up of Nico Rosberg, but this second course was not.

“I Did everything I could in the last four races, all that’s really I could ask for, I’m leaving here (Abu Dhabi) having enjoyed a lot with the team. You can’t win always, we had many problems this year and it is so inevitably I’m in this position, but I am still grateful for the accomplishments and the ups and downs that we had as a team.”

In regards to their slow pace of the race with the intention of putting up in trouble, Nico Rosberg, by allowing Ferrari and Red Bull to come, the briton defends his action and claims to not understand why Mercedes insisted by radio that will serve to increase the pace.

“in The end we are to race, the team had already won the constructors ‘ championship. At that point, what it was supposed to do?Do you sit down and let you win the championship? I had to help myself”.

“I don’t think that did anything dangerous, I don’t think having done anything dirty. we Were fighting for the championship, was in the lead, and they controlled the pace, so are the rules”.

The british pilot said they felt satisfied by the end result and the season and wanted to thank you for your support and the exceptional work of Mercedes, that has managed to exceed his expectations over the past three years.

“Honestly, I feel great, a huge ‘thank you’ to all who have supported us. I want to thank my family for all their support, especially the team for doing a great job. it Is a privilege to be a part of this team, to get the accomplishments that we have had this year, I never thought when I got this computer that would have as many wins. I think they are 32 victories with this team, thanks to all of the world.”

he Also didn’t want to let escape the occasion to congratulate his teammate and rival Nico Rosberg for the world title, recognizing that the German pilot has done an excellent job this year, while it is clear that it has earned the best driver of the season.

“Big congratulations to Nico, of course, the first Championship of the World, good work friend. I do Not necessarily agree with that (to say that it has won the best pilot of the year), I will leave it to your imagination”.