GP Abu Dhabi: Hamilton meets and pushes Rosberg from pole


Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg. The first assault of the decisive battle has fallen out of the side of the british pilot with the pole,, which has surpassed three tenths off the German. The GP of Abu Dhabi decides the champion, and although both drivers are very depressed, the two have shown apparent tranquility during the press conference after the Q3. Paired in the first row of the grid with Daniel Ricciardo just behind with a different strategy, anything can happen. However, Hamilton and Rosberg have agreed to focus on their own role and forget the rest.

In this line, Hamilton wrote: “I’m trying to focus only on feel proud of and that my team and family also are. I want that all the people that is around mine proud of me. I’ve felt very good on the car. The truth is that during this entire last half of the season I have felt good and is something important to be so when there have been several races in which I have not been able to do it. I hope to be able to continue driving that way tomorrow. I have come here with the mind set of driving in the best possible way. I’m giving everything and I’m going to try to perform to the maximum”.

Unlike the night prior to the resolution of the title
in 2014, Hamilton has shown a great trust: I feel fantastic,
I am also in the pole
. I feel full of energy and sure of what we have
been doing in the car. it Is a scenario completely different from what we have had
in 2014
. Then I couldn’t sleep because I faced quite a few challenges and although
I had more race wins, dual points, I could remove the title.
Losing the title in 2007 taught me how to feel
. Tomorrow is different, it is
totally opposite to what I lived in 2014 and I am really excited of face-to –
the carrera”.


For his part, Nico Rosberg explained at a press conference: “We thought first in terms of classification. it Is better to start the race, with ultrablandos, although we shall see what they hold. We are sure to have found the best tire for the best career positions”. In this line, the German remarked: right Now I want to focus on the race tomorrow“.

Asked about his streak of consecutive first lines, Rosberg dismissed: I did Not know that he had been 27 times in a row in the first row, it makes me feel good. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why I’m sitting here and fighting for the title in the last race. It seems that it has been one of the keys this season. I’m proud of the season we have done up to now, perhaps the best, but there is still the last race”.

all in all, Ricciardo can be a threat for the options of Rosberg, although the German has not tried to evaluate this possibility: I Think that is too much thinking. I would like to stay with the positive part and in part more optimistic. The weekend account, it is difficult, but the goal is still to win the race. I’ll keep you all in the simplest way, not to think of possibilities. I’m going to focus on making a good career“.