GP Abu Dhabi: Kvyat: “it Is a sad weekend for the last race”


Photo: Red Bull

The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will put an end to a year that began in February (with the preseason) and ends almost in December. A long course after which you want to break, although the period between a championship and the following always leaves the feeling that something is missing. So what you see Daniil Kvyat, the Russian Red Bull: “Is a kind of sad weekend in a way, because it’s the last race of the season, which for a pilot is not very pleasant. Of course, you’re mentally tired after a long world, but every time the competition stops, there is a bit of empty feeling on the inside. Miss actually racing, at least I do. But I’m sure I’ll find some way to have fun in the winter.”

The championship 2015 ends in a place of special remembrance for Kvyat: “usually I enjoy most of the tracks, and in one way or another they all have something. But yes, I particularly like Yas Marina, because there I won the championship GP3”. It was not only the last time they won a title, but also a career, as although he took to the podium in Hungary, has never been defeated in the highest category. It is something that you want to return to to achieve as soon as possible: “My memories of the Yas Marina is that to win, always feel very good, but it is the last victory that I have, and it really has been a painful and long period of time. I would like to change that, I miss very much that feeling”.

experience in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in his first season in Formula 1 was not so positive: “I Had a good qualifying, getting the fifth position on the grid. But the race was not as good as expected, and I had to pull out due to a problem with engine. Even so, it was nice. It is a good circuit to drive, even though it is modern, with large loopholes. It is very technical and requires time to adapt. Do it and you’ll have a good lap, but it is not as easy as it seems”. Your main goal will be to maintain the seventh place in the world, and is currently with 94 points, ten more than teammate Ricciardo. Is not to win a race, but a small victory.