GP Abu Dhabi: Le Mans is only a desire for Alonso: “The first thing is to win the third world”


Fernando Alonso wants to compete in Le Mans when I leave the Formula 1 is something well known from his time at Ferrari, but now that the possibility of his retirement from the top category is something close to it, the rumors are bound to happen.

despite this, the Spanish rider insists that there is no hurry to meet that challenge and ensures that you have outstanding accounts with the Formula 1 before you think about anything else. “The first thing I will do will be to earn the third title of Formula 1, then we’ll see. What I said in the message is nothing new, I’m only focused on F1. In the future is not ruled out (to compete in Le Mans), it is a challenge appealing to me because I like the category, I like the cars. But not if it will be in two years, in five years or eleven years. The first thing is to win the third World in F1 and then we’ll see”, said the spaniard, however, has said on several occasions that their presence beyond 2018 depends largely on how the new Formula 1 cars make their debut next year.


The Spanish also referred to the departure of Ron Dennis of McLaren, but he would not enter into ratings to see how the situation evolves. “I Prefer not to comment anything about Ron Dennis, because it is something very recent. We have to see it with a little more time to see how they end things. And possibly I’m not the right person to speak to, confident that in the next few days there will be a lot more information, I prefer to concentrate on the race”, ” said Alonso before the press moved to Abu Dhabi.

The last race of the season may well serve for that McLaren-Honda finishes the season with good sensations and the own Fernando Alonso believes that there is a circuit in which the car could function well. “last year, Abu Dhabi was one of the best circuits and we were very competitive in every session, in classification also. In my opinion it will be a good weekend, we’ll see what we can do. We have several priorities for this race also, the battle with Toro Rosso in the constructors ‘ championship that we have to defend here, so that is the first priority here. The second is to risk a little more and finish with a good result”, ” said McLaren, who is not afraid at all to the two long straights of the circuit. “it Is true that there are two long straights but I think this year with the development that we have and the improvement of the engine will not be as damaging as last year. we are Not afraid of those two lines and then the rest of the circuit are slow corners in which we can be competitive also.