GP Abu Dhabi: Maxima equality between Hamilton and Rosberg


The dispute for the title is still high, after the celebration of the first day in Abu Dhabi. Lewis Hamilton has gotten the best time of the day, but only by 79 thousandths of a margin over Nico Rosberg.

The british driver has enjoyed a day without complications and, even if you believe that you can still improve the car, the performance has been satisfactory in all conditions.

“it Has been a great day, quiet in general, and no real problems. The first batch in the second session was not ideal because there was a lot of traffic and I could not do a flying lap, but after I was able to do a long decent, not perfect, but good enough. We have left done a lot of work, both on short runs and long. I’m really happy with the car and we are in a good position for tomorrow”.

The pole position is the goal, it is a lot to not get it in this track (2012), but I know that I am fast here, the car is going very well and there is still some time into it, so that is my approach to all”.

Nico Rosberg also showed very encouraged with the start of the weekend, although acknowledges that the graining appeared on the front tires with the falling of temperatures will be an important point to keep in mind in the face Sunday.

“I Started finding soon a proper balance. it is Always interesting to go from hot to cold, from lunch time until sunset, and how to adjust and what to expect, but our car worked well in all conditions”.

“With a little and a lot of fuel was fine, of course the graining on the front tires is a challenge because it is very cold and that is one of the main things that we need to tackle to prepare for the race”.