GP Abu Dhabi: Mercedes: Abu Dhabi, a Great Prize to enjoy


Photo:Mercedes F1

From stress to calm. A year ago, Mercedes came to the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi with the title of Builders sentenced, but with the Pilots for them to decide. Now, all the fish is sold and the German squad faces the last event of the season 2015 in circumstances much more relaxed, ready to enjoy a fight between their two drivers, which serve to dismiss the Mercedes W06 Hybrid in the way that it deserves.

“In comparison with last year, is a very different scenario, because there won’t be a direct fight for the championship, something that in 2014 made that Abu Dhabi was a weekend of a lot of tension; this time, there is less pressure and we hope to enjoy more of the race, hopefully with a good battle between Lewis and Nico that will allow us to say goodbye to the season with style”, has declared Paddy Lowe, the technical director of the German squad.

“Lewis always been good at this circuit, while Nico arrives in a good moment of form, so that everything is prepared for an entertaining evening under the lights they assume a proper farewell to the Mercedes W06 Hybrid, a car that was really amazing that we look forward to saying goodbye in a way that reflects what both he and the team have achieved in the past eighteen races”, added Lowe.

For his part, Lewis Hamilton also appreciates the lack of pressure. “The last year was for me the weekend of the most intense of my life, I could barely sleep for the nerves of not knowing what was waiting for me, but now I arrive rested and ready to finish big. Many british fans come to Abu Dhabi. Win for them and show how grateful I am for the support I have had throughout the year would be the best way to end an amazing season”.

But Nico Rosberg arrives at Yas Marina with the same intent and eager to erase the ghosts of the past. “last year’s race, in which I lost the title by a mechanical problem, was probably my biggest disappointment. But I showed my speed with the pole and now I arrive in a good moment, so I just think at the end of the season in the best way. I’m ready for the battle and I hope we can offer fans a great show to say goodbye to the season”.