GP Abu Dhabi: Pirelli meets with pilots to improve the rain tires


Mario Isola, technical officer of Pirelli, met today with the pilots to address the criticisms raised in the Grand Prix of Brazil, on the other hand, lead quite a long time to occur.

pilots argue that the tire of rain extreme is not able to evacuate enough water and it produces a lot of aquaplaning, a circumstance which at Interlagos caused the abandonment of Romain Grosjean -before you start the race, Marcus Ericsson and Kimi Räikkönen, who suffered a spin in the straight and caused a very dangerous situation.

in this respect, Isola has commented on statements gathered by Motorsport, which together with the pilots have had “a very interesting discussion with different points of view of many of them (pilots). I have collected a lot of useful information to understand what is the direction that we want to take with this product (rain tires). You can’t have a product for extreme conditions that also work on a track that is mainly dry, so we must make a decision”.

Isola thinks that it is a priority to establish a goal for the Italian brand be clear about what type of tire to develop, something which in any case would be to 2018. “¿we Need one more product to wet? Is it ok now or do we have to change the intermediate? What is the goal? Once we define the objective, it will be possible to develop the product in the direction that we want, but we need to define it”, commented Isola at the end of the meeting. “we Can move towards a product more suitable for conditions of heavy rain, but then we also need to evaluate all the consequences. Do you need to then change the tire intermediate previously?”.

Isola points out that it is difficult to build a tire for rain that works well in all the circuits, and says that one of the options is to perform two espeficificaciones different to choose the one that works best in each circuit, depending on the type of asphalt and curves. “One aspect that we consider in our analysis was that with the same water and tire we’re going to Silverstone, Suzuka, or circuits with high power (on the side on the tyre), with asphalt rough and we’re going to Monaco, Brazil, or other circuits smooth and with the cold conditions. do we Need to perhaps consider developing two different types of tires extreme rain? Don’t bring them both to an event, but choose, something as well as the type 1 for Monaco and the type two for Silverstone. It is also a possibility”.