GP Abu Dhabi: Red Bull announces that already has an engine for the season 2016


Photo: Red Bull

ended the uncertainty and Red Bull will continue in Formula 1 in 2016, according to the statements of Christian Horner. The head of the team of the team of austria has announced in Abu Dhabi, where this weekend will dispute the last Grand Prix 2015, that the team has done a agreement for the supply of engines for next season, which puts an end to months of speculation and doubt about the future of the team.

A situation that started when Red Bull, unsatisfied, and very critical of the performance of the Renault engines, decided to break his relationship with the French manufacturer with a year in advance. But their subsequent contacts with Mercedes and Ferrari were unsuccessful, and even the ability to be linked to Honda was rejected of plane by Ron Dennis, the executive director of the McLaren Group. This made the ultimate resource for the team of Milton Keynes out a new agreement with Renault and everything points to that as well is going to be, with great possibilities of the motors are of white mark, that is to say, without explicit mention of the name of the manufacturer.

however, Horner has not come to mention expressly the signature gala that, for its part, is putting the final touches to his return as a team through the acquisition of Lotus. “We have in place an agreement with a supplier of engines for the next year that we hope to confirm in the next few days; you will have a path of development which, in some way, and ironically, is the same as twelve months ago we were trying to achieve. The coming year will be one of transition and we’ll see how it works stressed Horner.