GP Abu Dhabi: Red Bull plays with the superblandos in Abu Dhabi


Red Bull again show greater ambition during the qualifying session of the GP of Abu Dhabi. The austrian team came out of the common strategy marked by the strongest and launched at the track, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen with rubber superblandas during the Q2. Without the need of form in the second attempt, as with ultrablandos, the two pilots of Red Bull will start the race with a tire other than the one that will use at least the rest of the riders between the first ten classified. With the ‘graining’ as the main threat, it is a play very interesting.

Daniel Ricciardo has become the main threat of the pilots of Mercedes to finish third in Q3. Although the tires superblandos can penalize you in the exit, your first stop will be later than that of the two pilots who play the title. In this aspect, the australian stated: we Had to try something different. Seems to be a little bit of the trend this year, but it is the logical thing to do if we are in a position to sort with a tire different. We need to see if it gives us the opportunity, and hopefully, to get in the fight“.

In this line, Daniel Ricciardo appreciated his performance throughout the qualifying session, in which he has gone from less to more: “beyond the result in Q3, I think we had a difficult start of the session for me, but we managed to recover. When it came to the key moment of the Q3, I felt like my time was competitive, so I’m happy. The third place was our goal and I hope that we can be in one of the positions on the podium tomorrow”.


Max Verstappen has been expressed in terms similar to his or her partner of Red Bull after the Q3, although Dutch has not been able to move from the sixth position. All in all, Max condía in the potential of the tire superblando to be able to face and overcome the Ferrari: I Think that the tire ultrablando is rather weak when we talk about long runs. I Did a stint over in the last session of free, with much higher temperatures than we have in the race, and the tire superblando was pretty good. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, just tried something different“.

If you mount the same tires that the drivers who follow it, there is little to do. I have to move on, because the pace has been there throughout the weekend,” has stated a Verstappen to recognize that his starting position is not ideal: “to The end and despite the strategy that we have done, I start the last among the three teams that we’re up, so I can’t be happy. All in all, sure that the race tomorrow will be interesting”.