GP Abu Dhabi: Rosberg: “I Understand the position of Hamilton, we don’t need to discuss it”


A priori, things seemed very simple to Nico Rosberg, after the German pilot Mercedes managed to save the first lap without incident and in a comfortable second position. Nico just needed to secure a place on the podium and it soon became clear that the Mercedes had a rate higher than that of their rivals.

But Lewis Hamilton, aware of this, decided to slow down to allow the rest of the pilots could get close to Rosberg and the strategy of a stop of Max Verstappen ensured that, when Nico stopped in the pit lane, the Dutch were placed ahead of the pilot of Red Bull, was forced to overtake him on track.

“I could Not think of what was at stake, did not work. Tony (Ross – engineer of track, Rosberg) told me that it was critical to pass Verstappen for the championship. That is not something pleasant to hear, it was wrong, it was a feeling horrible. Was not good, but it worked. The feelings that I had when I realized that I had advance, I’ve never had in a race car before”, acknowledged Nico Rosberg, very aware that there had been advance the pilot made more complicated by talent and unpredictability.

later, things have not improved much, as Hamilton continued rolling to the rhythm low and, little by little, both Max Verstappen as Sebastian Vettel came close, placing in jeopardy the title to Rosberg. “I Could see that it came with which was done by Lewis, we did not know until what point I was going to do it. I could have gone to the extreme and then it would have been a complete disaster. I didn’t know what to expect, so that was also very hard. It was difficult to stay optimistic,”, declared to the press shifted to Yas Marina.

Although Nico Rosberg admits that he did not expect Lewis Hamilton to behave that way, he understands his position and says that it’s not worth to talk about it, but go ahead. “Not what I expected, maybe I was a little naive, but not what I expected. It is not something that we need to discuss because it really is easy to understand the posture of the team, because we do things a certain way all year and not change them for a career. At the same time, I can understand the position of Lewis because we are fighting as pilots and I can understand that you try something. Forget you, there is no need to discuss it”.