GP Abu Dhabi: Rosberg wants the title and victory in Abu Dhabi


Nico Rosberg has shown to be calm and sure of himself in the FIA press conference held Thursday at the Yas Marina circuit, in Abu Dhabi.

The German pilot Mercedes has appeared next to his opponent for the title, Lewis Hamilton, and has stated that its intention is to finish the year with a victory, despite the fact that he is worth a place on the podium to become the thirty-third pilot Formula one World Champion 1.

“Having fought already (previously) helps to soothe the nerves”, said Nico Rosberg, who said that “this is the third time we fought for the title and this is the second time that we come alive the two at the last race. The season Lewis has been fantastic. It is clear that he has done runs very good, is a hard competitor. For me, it’s about being focused on this weekend.

Nico Rosberg has twelve points of advantage in the championship and is aware that Lewis Hamilton has had several breakdowns late this season, but that does not prevent him from wanting to dispute the victory, for which we intend to do everything legally possible. “of course I am aware of how has been the season for both. For a start, the season has not finished and it would be premature to enter into these discussions now. Anyway, I do not think so. Now I just think in myself and in my season, I’m focused on this race and finish with a win would be fantastic, I’ll go for the victory and will do whatever it takes to get it”, concluded Nico Rosberg.