GP Abu Dhabi: Verstappen will try to snatch Vettel’s fourth place in the overall drivers’


Max Verstappen want to close the season with the finishing touch of defeat to Sebastian Vettel, the Ferrari driver is more prominent in the general classification of pilots.

despite having played the first four races with Toro Rosso, the pilot Dutch has obtained a remarkable average number of points and the four-times World Champion, is only five points from young Max.

despite this, Verstappen does not think to obsess about and, even though it would make the illusion, intend to make their career without thinking about it. “Would be nice, but in the first four races I didn’t he was piloting a Red Bull and that I have already lost points. I can feel satisfied to be so close. If I end up in fourth place will be a bonus, but if I fifth will also be good because, in the end, there is a very big difference. I’m here to finish first, the second does not matter to me”.

“We are pilots, and I think he understood that he could not stay behind also

The pilot of Red Bull has also commented that, after the Brazilian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel wrote a message, although his incident on track -when the German had to go out to the grass to avoid impact with Max when he stepped forward – occupy a very small part of the conversation. “he sent Me a message after the race, but we talked about everything from tyres, we are pilots, and I think he understood then that he could not stay behind equally. If we had had a long struggle, perhaps I could complain a bit more, but it was a correct action. In turn 4, tried to get me to the same thing, but I realized quickly what I was going to do, so I braked and stayed behind. Then I did the same thing and we went ahead. We were close to one another, and he remained on the outside. At a certain point, I couldn’t do more because I was on the inside, which was more slippery. Actually we did not touch us”, clarified Max Verstappen in statements collected by Motorsport.