GP Abu Dhabi: Vettel qualifies the strategy of Hamilton of “dirty tricks”


Ferrari has met the goal of finishing the year on the podium after Sebastian Vettel end of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in third position. The German rider won his seventh podium of the year, the eleventh of the Scuderia this season, and the second in the last 12 Great Prizes, along with the obtained in Monza.

After a battle with Kimi Räikkönen and Max Verstappen in different points of the race, Vettel opted for an alternative strategy, lengthening his second stop as much as possible for riding on soft tyres new in his last stint. The gamble worked, and the German was able to overtake the two Red Bull for the podium.

Vettel, however, was not happy with that and attempted to snatch the second position to a Nico Rosberg braking by the deliberately slow pace of Lewis Hamilton. The four-time champion had a couple of good chances that have not borne fruit, and was formed to escort the new champion. Shortly after crossing the finish, Vettel blasted on the radio, the tactic employed by Hamilton: “it Was a difficult situation at the end, with Lewis using some dirty tricks“.

Before the media, Vettel commented that he came to pass by the head the chance of winning the test, due to the slow pace that Hamilton displayed: “The last laps were intense, there was a time when I thought why not pass them on to the two? as I passed to Max, my interest was to win the race, taking into account that they were fighting for the championship. Lewis was trying to delay Nico with the rest of the group, but I could not pass”.

The German explained that the wear of his tyres to overtake the Red Bull, the DRS that had Rosberg and the situation of the championship were the key factors that prevented advance more:

“it Was quite easy to overtake Daniel (Ricciardo), but when I stood behind Max, I started to slip, and the car was worse. With the Red Bull was easier because Max didn’t have DRS, and Nico himself. Behind Nico was faster, because Lewis was going slowly, but they were very, very fast on the straights. I did what I could. I had a chance in the second straight, but Nico defended well. couldn’t try something stupid because Lewis was just ahead: if I was shooting on the outside or the inside, ran the risk of hitting Lewis; otherwise, I could have had a better chance in the curve 11″.

“The spirit remains unwavering”

with Respect to your first half of the race, Vettel commented: “at The beginning I could not deploy my pace, and was beginning to frustrate me, but as soon as I had clean air, I could unleash the pace that we had today. I’m happy with the podium, and I think the team deserved it. It’s great to finish the year on a high point, we will try to carry that momentum to the next year”.

Vettel did not miss the opportunity to congratulate the third German world champion, denying that his accomplishment has had a stroke of fortune: “Under my point of view, do not win a championship by luck. Nico has won today, and is a champion deserved. Sometimes you can have situations, fortunate or unfortunate with your car, but sometimes you have better or worse years, and is the day of Nico, we owe it as a well-deserved champion”.

By balance of 2016, Vettel is left with the positive of the weekend, and trust in the work of your team to return to the path of victory this year has dodged:

“it Has been a hard year, with many ups and downs. we don’t have to find any history or invent anything. We were expecting more, but after the first half, where we could have added more points, I think we’ve shown our strength. We have had a race pace very well in the last two grand Prizes, almost enough to match the Red Bull, and even a little more, but has not been the case on Saturday, which made Sunday more difficult. In general, we have shown the resilience of this team. spirit remains unbreakable, and I know that trabajremos hard, because Ferrari deserves to come back.”

Räikkönen, with no options for the wear

good rating Kimi Räikkönen, once more, not had the desired reflex in the race for the fault of the strategy. The Finnish driver was unable to endure behind Daniel Ricciardo, was passed after the stops by Max Verstappen, and he had to pass Vettel to prioritize your strategy, finishing the year at a sixth place that knows little.

Räikkönen complained that the soft tyres they had not supplied the expected performance, and has also had words optimistic for what may come in 2017.

“there has Not been an easy race for me. The car was pretty good, but I struggled to do last tires. He constantly strove to keep alive the front. I was in a good position after the start, but what went wrong with the first game of soft, at the end of the stint and returned to work, but we kept losing positions. When Seb came up to me, I knew that I was on a different strategy, and I let him pass“.

“Obviously, has been a difficult year, far from what we want as a team, but lately we’ve been working well and doing the right thing. We have to continue working well, and I hope that we’re where we want to with the new car”.