GP Abu Dhabi: Vettel regrets the error “small but costly” in the classification of Abu Dhabi


Photo: Ferrari F1

The removal of Sebastian Vettel in the first round -something the four-time champion had not suffered throughout the season – was the big surprise of the classification for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. The German was not able to move the court to take on Ferrari, in the wrong way, that his time of 1:42.941 would be more than enough to access the Q2 without the need for a second attempt.

Well, Sebastian Vettel will start from the sixteenth position -just ahead of Fernando Alonso – and is facing the need to make a great comeback if it wants to conclude the year with a good result. Something, by the way, already achieved in 2012, when it reached the third place after exit from the pitlane due to a penalty.

“we Think that the time was enough but it turned out that no; it is not very spectacular, but that is what happened. We always try to do the best I can, but this weekend we have not been successful: has been a small error with huge consequences, and quite costly that forces us to start from the back, and that is the challenge”, recognized Vettel.

Sebastian also recognized that his teammate, Kimi Räikkönen -who will come out third on the grid, and that happened on the first cut without the need for a second attempt – it was, simply, better on the tarmac of Yas Marina. “Kimi was faster; I should have made a better return, and then he would have gotten. Tomorrow I will have a lot of cars ahead that should not be there, so it’s up to me to give back to the situation. Quite a few of them are slower, I hope to be able to deliver me from them, and then we’ll see what happens. Here you can overtake, sometimes it is not easy, but it is not something impossible”, concluded Vettel.