GP Abu Dhabi: What Do you need to Rosberg and Hamilton to be champions in Abu Dhabi?


Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton arrive at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi with options of becoming World Champions of Formula 1. For the German it would be the first time, while the british opt for his fourth wound.

But it is Nico Rosberg who more options you have, since you only need to get on the podium to become the thirty-third champion of the category no matter what you achieve Lewis Hamilton in the race. That, taking into account the domain of Mercedes, it is quite affordable for Rosberg and, therefore, it is logical to think that just an inconvenience unexpected in the form of an incident or mechanical failure could give Lewis Hamilton, his fourth title.

But if something happens, Lewis Hamilton will need to win the race and that your partner is fourth or worse, having options to get the title, being second if Rosberg is seventh or worse in the moment of crossing the finish line. With following table you can see a little more clearly the different options that will allow one and the other pilot become the champion of the season 2016.

Position Nico Rosberg Position Lewis Hamilton Campeón
2nd or worse Rosberg
5th 2nd or worse Rosberg
6th 2nd or worse Rosberg
7th 1st or 2nd Hamilton
7th 3 or worse Rosberg
8th 1st or 2nd Hamilton
8th 3 or peor Rosberg
Podio Hamilton
10º Podio Hamilton
Indiferente Out of the podium Rosberg