GP Australia: “A trash”: the Formula 1 stands up against the new qualifying format

The first qualifying session with the new format of elimination one by one could well be the last. The reactions, both from the teams and from the fans, passing by the pilots, have been of a unanimity almost absolute, crying wrong of the system for various reasons. In we have collected all the opinions of the main actors and parties involved directly in what has already become the first great scandal of a sports season.

Lewis Hamilton: “we Said from the beginning that it was not the correct method, but you can’t know until you try. We tried, and all of the engineers had a reason“. “The good thing is that you have tried something new, and, in the end, it is a good step, but it is trial and error, so perhaps you would not have to go back to the old system”.

Nico Rosberg: “it Is good that Formula 1 will try it, but it is not the proper way, so that we should go back to the other system, by the fans, especially in Q3”.

Toto Wolff: “When the evidence is there, in front of your eyes, you can’t close them and deny reality. The new format is rubbish; too complicated to follow and a fiasco at the end, without anyone rolling. Those are the cons that we had hoped, and they weigh more than the pros. We wanted to listen to the promoters who asked for a change, but we have found a wrong solution. We have to change it as soon as possible and to reinstate the old system in Bahrain”.

Niki Lauda: “We have lost all direction. Normally, Bernie and the teams are kept together because they have contracts in common to control the business of sport, but it has changed, because Bernie and Jean Todt trying to decide things between them before and, if the teams don’t like it, they can vote together against us, or the other way around. The system is locked when all they defend their position and nobody thinks what is best for the sport, and therefore make bad decisions“.

Sebastian Vettel: “I don’t understand why people are surprised now. it Was clear what was going to happen, there were quite a few engineers that had been predicted. It was crazy at first, and then everything was very quiet, both in Q2 and in Q3. I don’t think that it is more exciting, it is a wrong path. Nothing has changed from what we said a few weeks ago, but someone had to like it, or otherwise we would not have had this format…”

Kimi Räikkönen: “From the point of view of the pilot, the new format is slightly different from what it was earlier, but if you see it on television I think that there is an even greater difference”.

Felipe Massa:Maybe now try to listen to the pilots a little bit more. They never do, or do it very little. I have years of experience in that. We were not sure that things were to change with the new format, but don’t care about the pilots. When you go to the meetings, the team leaders look only for the results of your team, and pilots painted them less.” “If you tell me that Q1 and Q2 were fantastic for the fans, they liked the traffic, the cars together at the same time and all in a rush, it is well; but Q3 was terrible, very empty, with no cars on track. We had a good format, I’ve never seen anyone complain about him. We will have to put the cards on the table and think in a better format”.

Daniel Ricciardo: “From my point of view, the Q1 and Q2 were good, but Q3 was anticlimática. Normally, in those last few minutes of qualifying, the crowd waits and waits, out comes the red light and all the cars go by goal, so it seems to have missed that. I would try to make Q3 as last year, so that, even though it’s just eight cars, everyone can have their attempts and be rolling at the end”.

Christian Horner: “For me, this system has not worked, and we should ask for forgiveness to the fans. We have not offered a show for them at all today. it is Not good that the classification is finished when 5 minutes, the drivers and the cars have to be out, fighting for pole until the last second. We must accept this: what we have tried, has not worked and what is important is that we learn from it and correct quickly”.

Fernando Alonso: “Maybe we have to give more time to this system, but I think that favors the strongest teams, and it’s a little unfair to the less competitive. After having used two sets of superblandos in Q1, I only had a chance in Q2. In my first attempt I felt competitive, but then I had to stay in the garage and see how he was developing the qualy, which was a bit sad.” “Maybe we should do what was done in MotoGP last year, where the teams are less competitive could use tires more soft classification. In Formula 1, we decided to do the opposite”.

Jenson Button: “Do The classification? There is No difference. The only problem that I have encountered has been the pit lane: four cars behind us were being tucked back in their garages while we do stop at our box, change tires and go back out. It is a pit lane narrow, so that has been a bit of a mess”.

Eric Boullier: “it Was exciting during the first few minutes of Q1, but then it all ended in a very disappointing. I have to say that I’m sad that the new format has produced a show so dingy“.

Nico Hülkenberg: “The new format has not really changed my way of dealing with the classification, but you are more pressured to make a first good lap and avoid to fall soon. Okay, but I’m not thrilled”.

Sergio Pérez: “it Has been a great mistake, and the Q3 most boring I have ever seen in Formula 1. We knew that was going to happen. We gave our point of view in Barcelona, but no one heard us. It is too late to come up with a solution. It is not fair to the fans. I’m sure that 99% of them did not understand the format. The simplest way now is to revert to the old format and think of a new one for the future”.

Jolyon Palmer: “I enjoyed It, but it seems that I am in the minority. It’s fun, because you need to keep your head above water. You always have to improve because the track improves and your opponents also. I have enjoyed the challenge. But nothing of this happened in Q3, and that’s disappointing for the fans”.

If to this we add that Bernie Ecclestone had not been manifested in favour of the new system in their public statements these last few weeks, everything seems to indicate that the system, as it is, has the hours counted. Tomorrow there will be meetings to discuss a topic that has become a point focalizador of criticism towards the Formula 1 in its first weekend in 2016.