GP Australia: Daniel Ricciardo, to the gates of the podium at Albert Park


Red Bull has been a GP in Australia contrasts. Not
they had turned off the lights of the traffic light and the team had a low.
Daniil Kvyat was not able to start the race at Albert Park by an electronic problem
in his RB12. On the contrary, and after a very good performance, Daniel
Ricciardo finished in fourth position
. The australian rider was really
close to getting his first podium in the home Grand Prix, but could not
stop the drive of the Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel. Good symptoms around the performance of the RB12 in any case.

Daniel Ricciardo enjoyed with the home run, as
has recognized at its conclusion: Today was really fun. It is very good to be back at the races. I could only express my joy
for being competing, especially because today we had a good car under
. To mode of analysis, the australian stated: “at The beginning we
been able to advance a car. We had a good pace and it was fun
power to overtake other cars. I got to be in a place of the podium towards the
end of the race, but I knew that the tires would not last and that would have
to enter the pit again”.

This fourth place is a good result and I’m happy
because we are not so far off the pace of Mercedes and Ferrari,”
concluded a
Ricciardo also had a memory for Alonso and Gutierrez, the two
protagonists of the accident more strong lived in Albert Park: it Is good to see that
Fernando and Esteban are well
. I have not been able to see the replay yet, but I saw
the car of Alonso upside down and saw that there had been a small

The drama of Kvyat. #F1 #GPAustralia
— F1 direct (@motorF1directo) March 20, 2016

The career of Daniil Kvyat was so ephemeral that no one came to
, so that at his appearance before the press started remembering
also Alonso and Gutiérrez: “I’m pleased to see that Fernando is
well. It seemed like an accident very bad and it is quite a relief to know that he is good”
However, it was soon to remember his bad luck at Albert Park: “In
as far as my day, an electronic problem put us out before
the race even started. Australia is not the most fortunate of the
world to me up to now”.

Without specifying too heavily on the mechanical problem of your
RB12, Daniil Kvyat explained: The car is turned off suddenly, I guess
didn’t want to do the race today. We will be back in Bahrain and we’re going to
start again from there. Last year was very difficult not to
start the race, but this year I am a stronger person, I’m fine.
These things happen, this is life and as they say, so are the