GP Australia: First double of the year for a Mercedes unstoppable


The first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season, has been satisfied with a doublet of Mercedes, something usual in the last 2 seasons. The German team, however, faced a series of difficulties to achieve its purpose, after a out anything ideal.

Nico Rosberg he managed to clinch the first victory of the season, and his second win in Australia.
“it Has been a perfect career for me. The start was complicated because it was on the dirty part of the grill and Vettel managed to get ahead. Did a very good job in the output, but we chose the perfect strategy mounting the tire a half after the red flag. Now we know how strong will be those red cars throughout the season, so that we can relax”.


The German pilot was not oblivious to the other big story of the race, the brutal accident of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Gutierrez on lap 16 that left the McLaren the spaniard completely destroyed. Was a great relief to see Fernando leave you on your own foot of that accident. Shows how amazing the safety of these cars now”.

The experience of Lewis Hamilton was very different. The british had a first round to forget, going from the pole to sixth place. Had a perfect weekend in every way until the lights went out. PatinĂ© a little at the start, and I was forced to go long at the first bend. But these things happen, and I am grateful for the way in which I was able to overcome. , second place is not bad in terms of limiting the damage after an output as esa”.


“I Spent a lot of time stuck behind one of the Toro Rosso, and couldn’t do much more about it, since he had a tire faster. I could only see the others leave, so that the safety car helped us a lot bringing together all again”.

With the grill renamed, everything was more simple for the career plan of the british: “I was Already on a one pit stop strategy and, to be honest, I don’t know why no one did the same thing with the media. I am glad that they did not do so, because that would have finished much further back. The team did a great job in helping us to achieve this”.