GP Australia: Toro Rosso seeks to surprise you at Albert Park

The situation of Toro Rosso ahead of the first Grand Prix of the season 2016, Formula 1 is still even better than last year, and that’s saying a lot. The tests of pre-season have shown the huge potential STR11, which was very near in performance of the noble area of the grill, and even above that of Red Bull, with a somewhat less flattering.

Both Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, therefore, have good options of note at Albert Park. Both have commented on the sensations that they left the circuit last year, in what was his debut in Formula 1. For Verstappen, one of the parts of the circuit that stands out the most is the curve 1, where you go very fast -or so it seemed to me then, it was all very new to me!- and has a stop very bumpy; I remember that it was difficult to find the point of braking”.

“To half back, reaching the curve 10, I could see a lot of fans, sitting in the grass. They are very passionate, it was great to see him. At that time I was able to see parts of that beautiful city (Melbourne). The last part of the circuit has a good combination of curves, even though it was a part a little disappointing last year, because that was the sector where I retired… driving positions of points in your first F1 race and having to retire is a difficult thing to experience. In spite of everything, is a circuit of fun and can’t wait to return.


Carlos Sainz he was something better than his fellow dutchman, getting a ninth place after a great qualifying that allowed him to leave eighth on the grid: “I have very good memories of Australia, probably some of the best of 2015. To prepare for this race again puts a smile on my face. I Discovered this circuit for the first time last year and I can say that I enjoyed it. I remember that the curve 1 is quite bumpy, and it is easy to block the front wheels. The second DRS zone is complicated, because it opens right at the exit of the curve 2. Where we need to be careful of, is at the entrance of turn 6, as it is easy to put a wheel on the grass”.

“I also Remember having to pass very close to the wall on the curves 9 and 10, since that gives you a better lap time, and I reminds a little of Monaco. My favorite part of the track, and also the more quickly are the curves 11 and 12, which are made in sixth. The last sector also includes a good combination of curves that I enjoy very much, even though the latter two are more complicated; in particular, the 16, where you fight with the steering wheel to have a good output. I had a good time there the year past and I hope to be able to say the same thing this time.