GP Austria: Alonso: “What Press? It only remains for me to give a punch”


Fernando Alonso press and defends in equal parts to Honda. By
a side, always asking, emphasizes in pointing to the
propellant as the weak point of the car but, on the other, also
he emphasizes the great progress made in so little time. Recently,
Eric Boullier stated that Mercedes had had four years to
develop your car, while you only have two years of
experience and, of them, one and a half have been used to compete with,
with all that it entails.

in this regard, Fernando Alonso stresses once more that “we are
in the middle of the second year and if you look at the development, conduct, and
power that we have, probably, only Mercedes has been in a
position as well in his second year. And we are probably by
before the Mercedes was in his second year.
impressed with what Honda is doing with the little time that
have had. The big problem was the starting point, that we were
a little behind what is expected for the first year
, recognized

In the meeting with the journalists displaced to Spielberg,
Fernando Alonso was asked if he was pressing to Honda for that
accelerate the process of development. The spaniard was blunt to the
respect. do you Press? Probably it only remains for me to give a
punch to press all over the world
. I am aware of your task.
I understand that they give the best of themselves, who work 24 hours in
Sakura, which transmit all knowledge to the rest of the team.
Formula 1, unfortunately there is not a button that you can press and
to move from one level to another, requires time
, insists the Spanish.

“the engine of The last year was not good, we were not prepared”

Honda account even with twelve tokens to spend on upgrades
performance of your engine, but even Fernando Alonso unknown
when it is used. “I don’t think that we have nothing until the end
of the year. I think that is a question for the guys from Honda. But the
car is good and the new parts that will arrive in the following
races will be interesting.
We have to think also in the
next year and work on the car of 2017, but without forgetting this
year. We still want to score, follow the path we were
before Canada. We’re moving in the right direction.
thruster unit the past year was not good, I remember that here
we receive between Jenson and I 100 positions of punishment, so do not
we were prepared to compete
. We are now in a position
much better, which gives us more confidence to 2017″
, ended
saying the Spanish, faced with many better sensations
Grand Prix of Austria this season.