GP Austria: analysis: the keys of the GP of Austria


The Grand Prix of Austria ended in a surprising way, with one more chapter of the duel between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The british tried to overtake the German in the last lap and both collided, taking the worse part still is the leader of the championship. We take a look at this without losing sight of the great career of drivers like Button and Wehrlein or the worrying trend of teams like Williams and Toro Rosso.

The stars

Lewis Hamilton


Eleven points separate Lewis Hamilton from the lead in the world. A leadership that, taking into account that has already used the five thrusters that are allowed by regulation this season, as I could reach, but it will be very complicated to get keep at the end of the season.

In any case, Hamilton made this weekend all that I needed. Learned to overcome a circuit that finds it hard to adapt and in which Rosberg feels very comfortable. Got the pole and came out flawlessly. Subsequently, he managed the ultrablandos of the brilliant way in search of a strategy for a stop: the Ferrari’s were going to do the same thing and wanted to fight on equal terms.

“Hamilton was taken aback, but not wine down and began to cook to fire slow his attack”

When they saw what happened to Vettel, chose to switch to two stops, but Rosberg had already chosen two of start. That, coupled with the slow stop for Hamilton to let Nico leader. Hamilton decided to try the undercut on lap 54 and went out to the track with soft. Rosberg reacted by stopping in the next, but you came out the leader again and with superblandos. The theory said that Nico had the race in the pocket, and Hamilton made it very clear via radio so baffled that I was, but not wine down and began to simmer his attack on Rosberg. In the last few laps, when the tyres of the German began to suffer (helped by a problem with the brakes), took advantage of the bent to get closer. Already within the last turn, he attacked around the outside at Remus, and both are touched upon, leaving Hamilton victorious in the incident. Rosberg saw his Mercedes was damaged and lost, even, the podium, serving tray Hamilton an extra twist: an additional cut of six points in general.

Lewis Hamilton may be flamboyant, controversial… a lot of things. But he is a fighter and never shy away from a battle or allows your opponent a break, it is clear. And that, in the Formula 1 today, it is very valuable.

Max Verstappen


The young rider Dutch is having problems to match the speed of his team-mate in qualifying, but the race is proving that, if the tires do not give too many problems, is well prepared to bring the car to the best possible result.

“Ran with mastery of the strategy, with a relay final 56-lap”

So it was in Austria. Did some laps bright in that ahead of his companion and, later, executed with mastery, the strategy of a stop, in which he had to make a relay of 56 laps with the soft compound. This allowed him to be leader after the last stop of the Mercedes, but obviously could not hold them with the tires already very degraded. To Räikkönen, who was driving in conditions similar to yours, kept him at bay without difficulty, proving again the maturity that is reaching out to all levels.

Jenson Button


The pilot of McLaren said after the race, going as above in the grill, he realized with astonishment with the amount of places that can be advance in this circuit. Jenson has a demeanor that is more subtle and elegant than Fernando Alonso, but it has nothing to detract with the Spanish at the time of criticising his team.

“A career of a pilot with talent and experience,”

Apart from that, Jenson ran a race flawless, not lost in battles sterile with cars that are much faster and maintaining a race pace that allowed him to take advantage of his third place on grill to get a good amount of points. When the ultrablandos the start lost his punch, began to advance, but maintained their two-stop strategy, getting rid of the ultrablandos in the round 9 and facing the rest of the race with the soft. A career of a pilot with talent and experience, a lot of experience.

Romain Grosjean


Haas had been diluted as a sugar after the first few races of the season. Even, the team has already confirmed that it focuses entirely on the season 2017. But in Austria were given the appropriate circumstances for the points to return to be possible, and the French took advantage of the opportunity, as is also usual this year. And, to do so, pulled his specialty: strategy for a stop.

it Is true that Esteban Gutierrez is having many problems this year. But also what it is, or with more consistency than his companion, nor with more talent. Haas relies, almost exclusively of Romain and you have to recognize that, this year, is taking advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to him.

Pascal Wehrlein


No one gave credit when, on Saturday, Wehrlein was placed twelfth on the starting grid… and with superblandos! The own Pascal stated that, if he would have been able to take advantage of the game ultrablandos that he had, he would have gotten into Q3.

it Is possible according to what is seen Sunday, when she crossed from the last square to the tenth after the safety car. Put a set of soft tyres on lap 23, he did not stop and was allowed the luxury of pushing Valtteri Bottas, which had placed the superblando on lap 51. Simply spectacular.

The starry

Nico Rosberg


My good friend Sergio Sabaté gave him a nickname (with all the love and respect, of course) Nico Rosberg several years ago: Catalan cream. With a coverage of durable, but thin and, at the bottom, fragile. So it has been, broadly speaking, the career of Nico in Formula 1. It has been hard and often even dirty. Very fast and talented. But, in most of the occasions, when things have gotten really complicated, it has been party.

“it Seemed a desperate act prompted by lack of confidence in one’s self”

it Is true, to withstand the pressure of a driver like Lewis Hamilton is one of the most difficult trials to endure. Well known Fernando Alonso. But what happened in Austria, it appears, neither more nor less, than an act of desperation perhaps spurred by the lack of confidence in one’s self. By fear to endure losing a race that he had won, instead of thinking of the championship and minimise damage. This type of acts are the details that make the difference between a few pilots and other.

Sebastian Vettel


It is putting to test the patience of Sebastian Vettel. The German, despite already eleven seasons in Formula 1, has never lived a similar situation. to Be in a big team in which is required the most, but that’s not going to be able to give you the tools necessary to achieve it. At least he has not been able during the past eight years. Four world titles help to have patience, but we’ve all seen what Ferrari can do to a pilot tenacious and ambitious as Fernando Alonso. We will see how to fit it to Vettel, it is still early.

with Respect to the Grand Prize, there’s not much to say about his career. I don’t think that it was an indictment that Ferrari tried to force the superblando so many laps, especially taking into account that the times were good and the indicators of pressure, temperature, etc, were normal. That is how it is with Pirelli, we must aceptarlo.



Pass in two seasons to qualify for the win to enter by the hairs in the points is worrying. In this same circuit, in 2014, Massa got pole position and, after the race, discussed whether Williams had been too conservative to not be of concern to your supplier of engines: Mercedes.

This year, Bottas struggled to maintain his ninth place in front of the Manor of Pascal Wehrein. There’s not much more to say, except that they returned to be the fastest in the pit lane. Sad comfort.

Toro Rosso


The last two races the team of Faenza have taken dyes tragic. Brake problems and the double breakage of suspension in Baku. Breakage of suspension, abandonment for unknown causes and dobwill break engine in Austria.

Only Carlos Sainz was saved from disaster at the Red Bull Ring, responding with skill to the tension of the last few weeks and the many inconveniences of the weekend. Are getting used to Carlos to be relentless on Sunday and only need to iron out some errors in classification. It has all the logic that is one of the pearls on the market of pilots and, after what we experienced this year, it is evident that in 2017 it will be even more sound. Only a but: his defense on Sergio Perez. A gesture ugly, Although, fortunately, corrected to time.

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Force India


After the ecstasy of Baku and all the buzz is formed with Sergio Pérez, weekend, Force India ended up being an absolute disaster. Nico Hülkenberg came second after a brilliant qualifying in difficult conditions but, on Sunday, his pace was simply non-existent.

In regards to Sergio, on the contrary. Bad output position by the breakage of suspension classification, but a great race pace that took him to the points.. until the last lap. Then, the same problem with the brakes that caused you to abandon your mate commanded him against the protections.

The technical detail


it Is common to find graining in several of the Big Awards of the season, but what we had long time no see blistering. This weekend, during the third free practice session, appeared, especially in the rear tyres of the Mercedes. In that session, the temperature was higher than in the rest of the weekend. Subsequently, the rain and the overcast skies prevented him to appear.

The blistering occurs when there is an overheating in the inner part of the tire, which causes the rubber to separate from the housing and forming blisters in the tread. The causes of that warming can be multiple: high temperatures, driving too aggressive in acceleration or braking, very high pressure on the tires in fast curves and/or long radius or, even, a poor choice of compound to use or a wrong implementation. In this session, several of these factors were: high temperature, circuit with high load, longitudinal and lateral, as well as very high pressures by a mandate from Pirelli. In the first of them went away, the blistering did it the same way.

The dark area


What happened on the last lap with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will bring a lot of glue during the next few days, and only the proximity of the Grand Prix of Great Britain could cool the situation a little bit.

Video analysis carried out by (click on the image).

Lewis Hamilton came close to Nico Rosberg with soft tyres, in better conditions than the superblandos of the German. After getting rid of Pascal Wehrlein and Valtteri Bottas, the track was free, because on the last lap. Hamilton picked up the aspiration of Rosberg on the straight that leads to the braking of Remus, Nico gave him the outside but, when the time came to stop and turn towards the apex of the curve, Rosberg remained at the centre of the track and did not turn until Hamilton hit with him.

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Rosberg lost his front wing, Hamilton had to get out to the escape and, subsequently, had to overtake him under yellow flag for the crash of Perez at the next bend. But it did so at a low speed and making it clear that he was aware of the flag, something that the regulation provides for.

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Rosberg says that Hamilton will be pounced on by him, but the pictures show clearly that, nor took the drawn usual, or had no intention of disputing the braking with the hope of victorious a cleaner way. What happened after is a simple question of fortune. Depending on the damage of the one and the other, it gives one result or another. On this occasion, fortune did justice with both.