GP Austria: First point Manor in 2016 with Pascal Wehrlein


One of the great stories of the Great Prize of Austria has starred in Pascal Wehrlein to get the tenth position. The German pilot released his locker points in Formula 1 and given to Manor his third point in the World since its entry in 2010 as a Virgin. It is also the second best result of the team’s history, after the ninth place obtained by the ill-fated Jules Bianchi in the Grand Prix of Monaco 2014.

like the rest of the team, Wehrlein was absolutely elated after a great weekend, we had started with the first Q2 of its short trajectory in Formula 1. The champion of the DTM commented that the Safety Car forced them to risk with the round end of the tire, and stressed the work done by the team to get to the point.

it Is amazing. I’m so happy! Has been one of those weekends, and finish it this way, it is a prize great for all. At a certain point I felt quite dejected, because we had a bit of bad luck with our strategy in relation with the Safety Car. Just made my second stop, so when I came out, I was last. It was not a great feeling, but we had to work with what we had, which were the soft tyres until the end, it 40 turns!”

“Finish the race in the points from that position rolling more than half of the race with only one set of tires is an incredible achievement. It is very important, not only because of what it means to our position in the championship, if not that also shows that we have made real progress. The process has been a step-by-step, one that has not always been visible to people external to the team”.

The race was more within the channels usual for his mate Rio Haryanto. The indonesian ended 16th after experiencing software problems at the beginning of the race and have the wrong strategy at the time of the Safety Car, but also rejoiced at the success of his team.

“I Started the race with the softs for 27 laps, then I made two batches with the superblando. During the first batch I had a electronic problem, which affected my pace, and it took us 15 turns to fix it. The Safety Car changed the complexion of the race, and my strategy didn’t work so well today. I was happy with the pace, especially towards the end, when he was hunting to Ericsson, but unfortunately it was not possible to fight for a better position today”.

“it Is mind-boggling. Congratulations to the team for this great result. Much has been done to this, each one of the members of the team. It is really important for all of us to get this reward. Means that we are moving forward and making good progress, and it is important to face the second half of the season.”