GP Austria: Friday tests for Red Bull in the appointment of house


Red Bull runs at home and without doubt is the focus in the media of the GP of Austria. From the early hours of the morning with the celebration of the birthday of Ricciardo and the presentation of a monkey that simulates the typical costumes of the region, the team of energy drinks has been in the spotlight. Already on the track, Daniel Ricciardo has had a positive day, feelings that can not be moved to the other side of the box. Max Verstappen has lost the straight end of FP1 and the start of the FP2 after breaking the suspension of his RB12 attacking with force pianos.

Daniel Ricciardo showed his usual optimism after the first two sessions of free, every time the australian finished fifth in the two sessions. With 65 laps to his back, Ricciardo stated: “I Think we had a day pretty good and not fight too much with the car. This morning we went out to the track with a rush to try everything, while this afternoon has been crazy. The level of rainfall was very high during the session, although I think that it is good to experiment in different conditions. The rain is characteristic of this track and came through the curve 8 and 9″.

To balance mode after the first day at the Red Bull Ring, Daniel Ricciardo explained: “it Has been a track that in the past has cost us a bit, but the truth is that I felt very comfortable from the first lap. I think we’re more or less in the fight and today we don’t have to be here until midnight trying to find a tune for the car. we’re pretty close to where we need to be, so we have completed a good start. If it rains tomorrow, then anything is possible. It’s going to be a very exciting weekend”.


Max Verstappen starred in a particular ‘battle’ with the pianos of the track austrian. In the first instance broke the front wing of the RB12 in the last sector, while in the last minutes of the session he suffered a off the track after breaking the front suspension right to the attack with force one of these pianos: The first session was a little shorter than we would have liked, so we lost time there and in the beginning of the second session. We would have liked to run more, but I’m happy with the laps that I did, were not too bad”.

In this aspect, Max Verstappen was critical: The kerbs are quite high and can cause damage as we have seen, although it is up to us to stay out of them and to respect the track limits. I did not know it would be so hard for the car, maybe it would be better to put a ‘belly’ longer and not a lot of undulations. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend, I hope that it will rain because our car is very good in the wet. So we have to wait to see what happens during qualifying”.