GP Austria: More problems for Rosberg: after the accident, a penalty of five places


Nico Rosberg has seen his Grand Prix of Austria has been complicated in a matter of minutes after suffered a heavy accident in the absence of 20 minutes to the end of the third free practice session.

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When accelerating on the piano output of Remus-the second corner of the circuit-, Nico Rosberg lost control of his car and ended up slamming against the protections with the left side of the Mercedes, harming the gearbox. The cause was the breakage of the upper triangle of the rear suspension left side, which subsided as a result of the high loads generated under maximum acceleration, as Mercedes confirmed.

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Now the main question is to know if the German will be able to participate in the classification, for which his mechanics are working around the clock to prepare the car in time for Rosberg out on track in Q1.

Sainz, also in doubt

The Spanish rider Toro Rosso is also a doubt for qualifying, , since during the session a problem has been detected in the engine of his car that forces you to change it. In an operation that was almost two hours, the mechanics have very little leeway time to get the car ready for Carlos Sainz to take part in Q1.

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