GP Austria: Sainz: “I will confirm as soon as it is importante”


The usual uncertainty that living members of the young driver program of Red Bull has vanished in the case of Carlos Sainz. The Wednesday made public its renewal with Toro Rosso for one more season and the Spanish welcomed the news.

“I Am very glad, that you confirm as soon
it is important for the stability, especially in a program as
difficult as Red Bull, for me it is a very great news. I hope that the year
that comes let us take another little step and we can be fighting for positions
later (in the grill),”
, declared hopeful the driver from madrid.

Much has been made -and is still doing – in the interest of other teams by Carlos Sainz, especially Renault. Despite the fact that Frederic Vasseur stated that they were only interested in young talent who could commit to the team long-term, the interest of the French brand by Carlos Sainz is evident. The pilot himself thinks so, and thinks that their early renewal has been influenced by this issue. “Interest, it is probable that the
there has been. If not, don’t renew someone so soon. My
future it decides to Red Bull. I’m going to know very few things, because they are
they who decide. Not me I will have to wait. I’m delighted, because it’s where I grew up and where I would like to
someday, it is the largest team”
, said Sainz before the microphones of Movistar F1, leaving very clear its loyalty to the team.

“anyone Who wants to negotiate with me call to Helmut Marko

Helmut Marko is the one who takes the decisions regarding the pilots of Red Bull and Toro Rosso, and Sainz marks him as a main defender. Recognize that any possible deal must be passed by the austrian and highlights the potential that has Toro Rosso of face-to-2017. “everyone knows that if they have to negotiate
me have a call to Helmut Marko. I Am convinced that Toro Rosso is not a
bad choice for the coming year, regulatory change, other
year with James Key, the only thing you are doing is to improve and enhance the computer
… Whatever the decision, and now that it seems that almost 100% it is safe to Toro Rosso, it will be good option. We have improved a lot over the year
last in reliability and performance. Despite having the
engine, 2015 Ferrari, we are fighting you with equipment
large as McLaren and Williams once in a while.
car is good. What is needed is continuity, stability.
I Wish I
the next year the strength of Red Bull to help us a little and we can be more forward”

Improvements to the car

The car has proved to have a good base, but the limitations of the engine, some reliability issues and many other human errors have caused the results have not been as good as they should. Despite this, the team plans to introduce several new products in the four races of July to try to improve. “Here (Austria) we bring you some tidbits of which you do not let me talk, you can’t see. The month of July is a big month for us, because we’re going to go bringing things before the summer. It is a month
important for the consolidation of the car in 2016 and see what it gives us for the
rest of the year”

“July is a big month to consolidate the car 2016

The goal for the race this weekend will be the usual: get into Q3 and score points in the race. As it happened in Baku or in Montreal, Toro Rosso will have to find a balance between downforce and top speed, to compensate for the shortage of power from the engine without losing time in the fast curves austrian. “Here there are many straight lines but also many curves
fast. We have our biggest disadvantage and our
the greater the advantage. To see which plays more to our advantage. It will be
a Grand Prize in the find a compromise load
aerodynamics is not going to be easy”

Finally, Sainz made reference to the news of the circuit for this year. The asphalt is completely new, and many pianos have been eased, so that Sainz waits for a track a lot faster. “I have spoken of resurfacing with some pilots of the DTM, and I
have been told that the circuit has changed quite a bit. asphalt has more
grip. More time to fund, maybe a little less of a burden
aerodynamics. The lap times are going to lose quite a
. There is
potholes, pianos are shorter and that makes the circuit to be
more width. All will help the car go a little bit more
fast. The last two curves are very complicated, but also
it is true that in 2015 there were changes of asphalt in that area. All
those variables have gone, now it is the same asphalt at all
the curves. That should help to the pilots”