GP Austria: Sauber breathes before the vision of “a brighter future”


The last few months have been a operation of survival after the other in Sauber, which has gone through situations of all kinds: from not being able to pay their employees, until an accident that cost him a finger to a mechanical, going through the motion of Mark Smith and, of course, the hardships he has passed through Monisha Kaltenborn to get the funding the team needs, and that has forced to distance themselves from the day-to-day team on the track.

The situation, fortunately for those of Hinwil, seems to have a way more positive in the last few weeks. The agreements with small investors have been coming with the eyedropper, and is considered to be a matter of time until the swiss team locate a source of income larger.

In a press conference on Friday to the chiefs of staff, Beat Zehnder, in charge of supervising the activities of the team during the Big Awards in the absence of Kaltenborn, commented that the money circulates less problematic among its employees.

“to Pay the salaries, undoubtedly helps the atmosphere within the team. Obviously, there is a change in the atmosphere, because now all of believe again that there is a future. Pay the highest salaries is part of a comprehensive solution in which we are still working, but the details are you have to ask to Monisha.

The crucial aspect until now was to not give up, , and I think we can be very proud of our team on the track and in the factory, which has continued pushing in our limited areas”.

The improved economic situation will mean that the yoke is hung over the development of the car will be able to relax a little before the summer vacation, and that Sauber will have the opportunity to introduce some of the pieces that the economic limitations they had left paralyzed:

We have some parts and pieces ready for Silverstone and, possibly, Hockenheim, but then we will concentrate to complete in 2017. For the technical department, to the office of design, sometimes it is quite frustrating to know that you have things in the pipeline, that you can’t put on the track for financial reasons. But, as I say, should have a brighter future”.

The objectives of Sauber are clear this year: to survive and to prepare for 2017 with more guarantees, although, in the short term, they expect that the improvements will allow them to fight with something more than arguments against Manor and Renault.

“As you know, Switzerland has just opened the longest rail tunnel in the world. has Always been light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel was too long. Now the tunnel is getting shorter. we Still have the purpose of being in front of the Manor, and possibly beat the Renault, but, being realistic, we have to focus in whole in 2017, being a small team”.