GP Austria: Toro Rosso is brimming with optimism after workouts


Carlos Sainz finished sixth in both sessions, and acknowledge that you have had a day
fantastic, in which we found very comfortable with all the
compounds of Pirelli, even on a wet track. Today
it has been a great day for us. Obviously, it is difficult to draw
conclusions that the
it is

Friday and all roll with different plans and, even though we had something
of rain, we can be happy”

of the changes most discussed has been, along with new pianos,
the renewed asphalt of the circuit. Sainz highlights the virtues of the
new surface.
“it Seems that all the tires work well with the new asphalt and
there is so much more grip than last year. It is nice to drive
here and is one of the smoother surfaces that I have driven.
night we will continue with the hard work and we will prepare the rest of the order
an upbeat, Sainz.

“I feel good in the car and I am optimistic”

Daniil Kvyat also did very well, although their times do not
it reflected in a way as evident as in the case of your
companion. “we Can
be satisfied today, because our sessions were very useful and
I would say that we have already enough data to be good tomorrow.
There was a lot of action both in the
the first session, as in the second
with batches
in dry and rain,
again, in the dry…
It has been interesting! I
I feel well in the car and I am optimistic ahead of tomorrow”

, chief engineer Toro Rosso, endorse what was said by their
pilots, although emphasis is placed on the graining suffered in the wheels
rear, the product of the meteorology and of the high pressures
imposed by Pirelli. “there Was
a little bit of everything today.
We had to change our plans for the morning since we saw that
there was a possibility of rain in the free
2. In the end, I think we did the right thing. we Use
the ultrablando in the free
1 in place of in the second session, as is usual
. The
new asphalt also conducive
times faster than last year and this has further complicated
long runs were tricky with that rubber in the free
1 and we had a bit of graining rear
, so what we will have in
consideration in the set-up of the rest of the weekend”
the engineer of the team of Faenza.