GP Austria: Verstappen breaks the curse of Red Bull in your circuit


Red Bull finally triumphs at home. The team of energy drinks had not been added to date, a positive result at the Red Bull Ring, circuit property of the owner of the mark. However, this trend has been broken thanks to the second post joined by Max Verstappen. The pilot Dutch did catch a brilliant career that started in eighth position and was working his way up to finish in the second step of the podium. For his part, Daniel Ricciardo has finished fifth in a race an both discrete for the australian rider, despite the good work done.

Verstappen was excited at the end of the race. However, the Dutch had managed to reach the second position of the podium after the mishap experienced between the pilots of Mercedes after being one of the fastest riders during the whole race: it Is great to get my second podium in Formula 1. The car was working well, as are the tires. I managed to overtake some cars at the exit and the truth is that I had good battles, it was fun. From there I made my own career, getting hold off Kimi Räikkönen“.

despite his great career, Max Verstappen recognized that: “I Expected to be third, but I have the second position. The safety car helped us today with the strategy because it has allowed us to make stops under your presence. From there meant that you could not make any mistakes and that is what we did today. Although there was a moment of the race that I encountered some traffic and it cooled down the tires, at the end we had no problems. We are working very hard this season and collect podiums is something positive, face-to-2017. We are already looking forward to Silverstone, because the car works better there”.


Daniel Ricciardo started fifth and finished fifth in Austria, although his career has been full of nuances, as explained by the own australian pilot: “I Think for the team it has been a very good day. We did not expect to be on the podium here in Austria and although I’m happy for Max, my career was a little disappointing. At the beginning of the race passed us before the curve 8 with ease, it was a bit frustrating. At the end we were not fast, I was trying to push the tire and when all the world was improving, we were each time more slow“.

Showing quite pragmatic, Ricciardo said: Now we have to understand the why of this situation and if there are things that I have to improve, we will try to do so. I’m glad in any event to have so close together the races at the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone. It is always good when you have a race so close. We have a few days to find out why I was not fast today, but I’ll be at the factory tomorrow so that we have time to look at it. Even so, the feeling that remains is quite disappointing not to be faster here“.