GP Austria: Vettel: “there was No warning sign, everything was normal”


The expectations of Ferrari were good, despite the discrete positions of the output. With Kimi Räikkönen in fourth and Vettel ninth, that the track is kept dry, and both are matched with the tires superblandos at the start of the race, I did have hopes of planting face to the Mercedes.

Thanks to the durability of the compound superblando, Sebastian Vettel came to be positioned in first position on lap 23, but three laps later, the tire right rear disintegrated in the start / finish straight, sending the German against the wall and ending with his career. The German, who was trying to extend this first relay for stopping a single time, stated that there was no hint that helped them think in such unfortunate outcome.

“(After I retire) I went to the wall of the pit to see if there was any sign of warning, but the pressures were correct, as in the previous rounds. Everything came out of nothing, I don’t know more than you. There was no sign of warning. In my opinion, everything was normal. No one saw anything special. We tried to get as far as possible with these tyres, there is not much to add”, commented to the press in the reserved space in the paddock of the Red Bull Ring.

Podium that knows little

Kimi Räikkönen had an ending something more positive, since managed to climb up to the 84th podium of his career in Formula 1, although only thanks to the incident arisen between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg on the last lap. The finn rolled second after overtaking Hülkenberg and Button in the first laps, a position it lost when you perform your first stop. The strategy adopted by Red Bull will be left further behind, although eventually was able to overtake Ricciardo and an ailing Rosberg on the last lap.

“Obviously, it has not been an easy day for us. I think that we have not achieved what we actually had at our disposal, but I did the best I could. at The end we had a good pace and there may be opportunity to move to Max, but then came the yellow flag (accident of Perez), so I ended up ahead of me, this is how it goes some times,”, argued the Finnish.

The positive for Ferrari is that the car has been shown to have a good rhythm, although that is something that we have already seen previously with the same result: little booty of points. “The car has performed well all weekend and started the race well, but then I found myself in sixth position. Always try to recover and in terms of the speed was perfect. With the speed that we had, I feel that we have not got what we deserved, but so is the competition and the next weekend we will return again”.