GP Austria: Video: Austria 2002, the victory that no one wanted to celebrate


Michael Schumacher was solidly aimed in the direction of to his fifth world title, therefore, after only five Major Awards, had four victories. But Ferrari didn’t want to leave anything to chance, even though that would tarnish a doublet brilliantly commanded, this time, by the second pilot of the team: Rubens Barrichello.

A few laps from the end, the brazilian received an order by radio from Jean Todt: “Rubens, let Michael pass for the championship” (“Rubens, let go to Michael for the championship”). Until that time, Schumacher had been unable to overtake a Rubens that was picking one of his best races. Barrichello finally agreed, but he did so already at the start / finish straight with the chequered flag on the horizon, giving rise to one of the most embarrassing moments and embarrassing in the history of Formula 1. Whistles, gestures, derogatory and boos accompanied both on a podium in which Schumacher put Rubens on the top step. A podium, in which no one was eager to provide.

That season, Michael Schumacher ended up winning the world title with 67 points ahead of Rubens Barrichello. Or, to put it another way, almost seven runs margin over his team-mate, because at that time the victory you gave ten points.