GP Austria: Video: Battles that did not end well in the GP of Austria


The Grand Prix of Austria has always given show, thanks to its particular path. although the third sector is a compendium of fluidity thanks to its curves of medium and high speed, the first part of the lap is dominated by long straights and strong braking. Among them, Remus, a curve of 90 degrees in the that occur multiple overtaking. It has produced some of the maneuvers more bold, and also many that were intended to be, but that ended up not being successful.

1997: Jean Alesi vs Eddie Irvine

In the fourteenth race of the championship, Jacques Villeneuve went out in the pole position with his Williams-Renault. Mika Häkkinen came to his side with the McLaren-Mercedes and a surprising Jarno Trulli commanded the second row, with the Prost-Mugen Honda. Much more back, Eddie Irvine in the eighth square and Jean Alesi, the Benetton-Renault’s, in the fifteenth. Despite this, both riders found themselves in the back 37.

1998: Mika Häkkinen vs Michael Schumacher

With Ferrari still in full reconstruction, Michael Schumacher arrived at the tenth race of the season with options to lay claim to the title to Mika Häkkinen. Both came from the second row of the grid, with the Benetton of Fisichella on pole position and an amazing Jean Alesi, second with the Sauber. Soon the two main candidates for the title were placed in the lead and Schumacher proved to have better pace than Häkkinen. The attempt of overtaking was going to be late or early.

1999: David Coulthard vs Mika Häkkinen

With Michael Schumacher injured and replaced by Mika Salo, the start of the Grand Prix of Austria in 1999 it became a duel between the McLaren drivers, with Eddie Irvine to the expectation. Ron Dennis and Adrian Newey could not believe what happened in Remus.

2001: Juan Pablo Montoya vs Michael Schumacher

The rivalry between Michael Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya, who came to Formula 1 after winning it all in the united States, was one of the most intense of the season. The colombian was a debutante, but I had a lot of experience in single-seaters and, from the start, had shown how competitive was. On this occasion, Michael Schumacher was the one who was trying to overtake the colombian, but made the mistake of trying it on the outside in the braking of Remus…